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Written by Herui T. Bairu   
Friday, 24 November 2017 11:17



A Civil Organization by the above-named title has been registered in Sweden since 2013. According to international law and praxis, the title and contents of the said organization are protected as the intellectual property of its founders. We encourage individuals as well as civil right agencies to cooperate with us.



The Eritrean- Ethiopian conflict may be described as a hardline conflict. The antagonists lack a direct line of communication. The partisan character of the war has polarized the masses of both countries; regrettably, even the intellectuals of both sides have become formulators of belligerent partisan ideas; as a result, the border issue remains unsolved to the disadvantage of both peoples. It is, therefore, imperative for people of goodwill on both sides of the conflict to stand up and establish a Forum for Peoples Diplomacy. We assert that the present conflict is a temporary disturbance of the inherently fraternal relationship between Eritreans and Ethiopians. The ambition of the FPD is to launch a project that can heal wounds, restore brotherhood, and lay the ground for future Eritrean-Ethiopian cooperation, by the methodology of massive popular enlightenment.


1. Methodology

The methodology selected for sustaining the lofty objectives of the FPD is: “

Folkbuildning”. This term may be translated to mean folk education. About a century ago there grew forth, in Sweden, a movement committed to raising the level of education of those who were excluded from the formal school system by forming study circles, folk high schools, and adult education. Freedom from governmental control and co-operation with volunteer organizations and associations in the non-profit sector makes “folkbildning” a force for peaceful change. Folk enlightenment is a methodology well-suited for the materialization of the aims of the FPD.


2. Guiding principles

The guiding principles of the Forum for Peoples Diplomacy are:

  1. To recognize that the FPD is non-partisan, non-religious, and non-political civil society organization.

  2. To mobilize Eritreans and Ethiopians to work for an immediate resolution of the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict.

  3. To launch a process of reconciliation via meetings, workshops, seminars, and conferences.

  4. To promote solidarity and cooperation among Eritreans and Ethiopians at the cultural, economic, and humanitarian levels.

  5. To agitate for democracy and human rights.

  6. To promote the concept of a Commonwealth between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  7. To work for the Union of the Horn of Africa.



3. Activities

The Forum shall carry out the following activities:

  • Engage Ethiopians and Eritreans to agitate for a peaceful resolution of the border conflict.

  • Establish an “Institute of “folkbildining” for Eritreans and Ethiopians.

  • Organize workshops, seminars and conferences - in order to discuss issues of peace, reconciliation, cooperation, and development.

  • Disseminate the findings of these meetings among Eritrean and Ethiopians via electronic means.

  • Encourage networking between Eritreans and Ethiopians by traditional and social media.

  • Establish a learned journal on peace, cooperation, and development.

  • Establish a school for future parliamentarians in Eritrea and Ethiopia.



Executive Director

Herui T. Bairu

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