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Thursday, 12 November 2009 01:00
democracy1. The right to vote is what transforms an individual into a citizen; by the same token the right to vote is what transforms a people into a civic nation. A civic nation that exercises its right to vote at all levels is an empowered nation. Democratic systems are founded on the right to vote: only then can it be said that political power springs from the people, exercised by them for the general good. It follows from this that people who exercise the right to cast their votes are the true authors of democracy and nationalism; the ‘masses’ who have been deprived of this right tend to be manipulated by dictators.

2. It is difficult to perceive a democratic parliament without democratic rules that guide its performance; these are sometimes referred to as “the rules of the democratic game”. In a country like Eritrea that has been deprived of democracy, training potential parliamentarians amounts to training future leaders of a nation. Parliamentarians need to be familiar with rules of party election; parliamentary procedure; parliamentary committees, etc. One of the cardinal tasks of the Democracy Club is to train potential parliamentarians in the ethics and rules of the democratic game.

3. A nation without a constitution is captive. It does not suffice to have the right to vote unless we are also knowledgeable about constitutional issues. A person equipped with the above attributes may be considered a full-fledged citizen; empowered to influence his countrymen and be influenced by them in matters of public issues.

4. The mission of the Eritrean Congress Party (ECP) is to spread the philosophy and political programme of the Strategy Adi to the Eritrean people. As more and more people are realizing; the Strategy Adi is the basis of Eritrean Nationhood and the foundation of Eritrean democracy. The ECP, in addition to its struggle against the Asmara regime, shall strive to accomplish two tasks: namely, a) to inculcate the importance of the vote and constitutionalism, and b) to spread the principles of parliamentarianism and the rules of the democratic game, via our website:

5. The ECP encourages Eritreans everywhere to establish Democracy Clubs (DC) in their localities. The following are the preliminary rules of the DC:

a. The minimum number of members is three; the maximum is seven

b. A DC shall have a chairman, a secretary, and treasurer

c. Every member of the DC is required to mobilize one to three members

d. The requirements for membership are: commitment to Eritrean citizenship, democracy, anti-corruption, and anti-terrorism

e. All Democratic Clubs are invited to Blogg with us via our website so that we may lay the basis for the collective learning process

f. The documents to be discussed shall include the following:

  • The Strategy Adi programme and philosophy

  • Social Revolution essays

  • People’s Diplomacy essays

  • Caretaker Government- in-Exile

  • Adi based civil society organizations

  • Literature concerning constitutional issues, parliamentarianism, and the rules of the democratic game.


We take this opportunity to invite interested Eritreans residing in Stockholm to join us in our Democratic Club sessions. Please contact us through our website or our e-post. Our e-post is:

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