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Written by RBS Radio   
Monday, 12 October 2009 22:41


Ethiopian prime minister has today called on to impose sanction on Eritrean government, accusing of supporting Somalia insurgents, RBC Radio reports.

Meles Zenawi, the Ethiopian prime minister speaking reporters in Addis Ababa on Sunday has condemned what he called “Eritrea acting to obstacle Somalia peace efforts” while supporting the Islamic fighters.

Mr. Senawi called on international community to make full decision against Asmara. He called on to impose sanction on Eritrea and to isolate.

“Eritrea’s involvement in Somalia is clear, so the need for sanctions is undeniable”, Meles said.

Ethiopia and Eritrea both involve in Somalia politics supporting different warring sides but Ethiopia says its involvement is the supporting of TFG to secure the country.

Ethiopia sent troops to Somalia in 2006, to fight against ICU but ended early 2009.

The Somali government has already accused of Eritrea giving its rebels weapons and to overthrow the weak government.

Eritrea has already denied any involvement in the war-torn country affairs but angrily opposed Ethiopia intervention to Somalia in 2006.

Source: RBC Radio

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