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Written by Herui T Bairu   
Monday, 16 February 2009 01:00

For the past ten years the Eritrean dictator involved the Eritrean armed forces in destructive regional wars. Once again, in a feat of megalomania, he finds himself in a face-to-face confrontation with the Security Council of the United Nations. Recent experience shows that the two American/Iraqi wars exploded as a result of Saddam Hussein’s refusal to respect the resolutions of the United Nations.

Another point that needs to be taken seriously is that Security Council resolutions are backed by great powers; it is thinkable that the United States and France stand behind the resolution on Eritrea. It is also important to grasp that the objective of the Security Council resolution is not to solve the border problem between Eritrea and Djibouti as such; the primary aim of the resolution is to protect the interests of powerful trading nations in the Red Sea lane and its outlets. Today, at a time when the globe is slipping down the slope of multiple crises, powerful nations are not expected to tolerate obstacles to the free flow of petroleum and international trade along the Red Sea, by brigands of the ilk of dictator Issayas. It seems that the Western powers are determined to dislocate the grasp of the Eritrean and Sudanese regimes over the western coast of the Red Sea.

The resemblance between Saddam and Issayas is not merely physical; more than that they may be regarded as twin brothers of evil deeds. As Saddam pushed his county into wars by defying the resolutions of the Security Council; so is Issayas on the verge of pushing the Eritrean armed forces to the precipice of self-destruct.

What constitutes a way out? The present situation requires the application of legality and legitimate force. We, the opposition forces, do not advocate the seizure of political power via a military coup and other similar steps: That is not our task! The question is: what recourse is available to the leadership of the Eritrean armed forces, if dictator Issayas rejects or turns a deaf ear to the resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations?

In the following proposal may reside a possible solution:

The Minister of Defense has the right to call the military staff to an urgent meeting. He also has the authority to discuss the Security Council resolution regarding the withdrawal of the Eritrean military forces from the Eritrean/Djibouti border, at a specified date. The Eritrean military leadership is duty bound to respect the resolution of the UN. The implementation of the decision of the armed forces is best achieved by depositing a memorandum that outlines the decision of the leadership of the Eritrean armed forces to the United Nations. If the crisis traps up, it would be wise on the part of the leadership of the Eritrean armed forces to publicize its decision for the benefit of the international community.

The implementation of the above proposals is likely to encourage the Security Council to appreciate the positive role of the leadership of the Eritrean forces. De facto decisions of this nature are known to lead to de jure relationships. One possible benefit may be that the deadline may be extended so that the position of the armed forces in relation to that of the dictator matures. Considering the precarious power base of the dictator, the extension of the deadline may have internal political benefits as well. To abstain from protecting the interests of Eritrea, in the context of the UN resolution, on the part of the leadership of the Eritrean armed forces, may amount to national betrayal.

It should be noted that the Eritrean opposition forces are not the enemies of the Eritrean armed forces. It is important to point out that in the difficult phase in which our country finds itself, the armed forces may, without any reservations, request assistance and cooperation from the opposition forces.

Herui T. Bairu

Chairman of the Eritrean Congress Party


We are happy to mention that the leadership of the Eritrean armed forces announced last week its determination to avoid confrontations and military conflicts with our neighbors.

Glory to our martyrs!

Democratic elections now!

Peace with our neighbors now!

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